Why enter the Environmental Packaging Awards?

This is a premier event for sustainable packaging. This will honour excellence in the sustainable use of resources, innovation, and packaging design to showcase how your company’s brands and products stand out.

Our judges will provide feedback to ensure sustainability is at the core of your packaging project. The judges will explain in detail where the entry worked well—a strong piece of communication for your customer base—and you will gain a deeper understanding of what needs to be done to become more sustainable and why packaging is so important.

The awards can help drive your sustainable strategy within your business. To win, one requires a high level of environmental innovation and market knowledge. That can be enhanced by entering an award and winning one.

Winning can be a huge promotional tool for your business. Demonstrate to your customers that your packaging is sustainable, and incorporate the winner’s logo on your pack, website, or corporate communications.

Stay ahead of the competition. This award will help you benchmark your company against your competitors through investment and environmental opportunities.

Attract new talent and motivate your team. By pitching yourself as the best, you will attract the talent you need to push your business forward, as well as recognise your employees for their hard work and achievements to boost their morale and motivation.