Hints & Tips For Your Entry

1. Make sure your entry is eligible.
Read the rules for each entry carefully to ensure your entry fits the criteria. For instance, make sure that your entry relates correctly to the period under review – January 2022 - November 2023 – and that packs fit the criteria for where they have been produced.

2. Be clear and concise.
A great pack or project needs a summary that gets the attention of the judges. Consider bullet points and make sure that the summary isn’t just a marketing blurb – it might not address all the criteria.

3. Don't leave it to the last minute.
Ensure you have enough time to create a compelling awards entry. It needs to impress the judges and make it easy for them to recognise why you should be a winner.

4. Put someone on the job.
This person isn’t necessarily going to be the closest to the projects you’re submitting, but it is important that someone has ownership of your awards entries. Co-ordination is essential or you will find yourself missing deadlines and rushing your submissions.