At Environmental Packaging Live, we're your gateway to the ever-evolving world of eco-conscious packaging. As we prepare for this year's event, we're thrilled to offer a sneak peek into the scintillating topics that will shape our agenda.


Upcoming legislation

Using data to mitigate EPR costs and Compliance
Data recording and input for evolving compliance requirements

Net-zero challenges for global brands
Brands will be invited to discuss their sustainability initiatives which impact day-to-day consumers

The state of e-commerce packaging
Major packaging companies discuss the strength of e-commerce and how it is fueling growth in the packaging sector

Packaging News Podcast (live recording)

Lifecycle analysis of materials
Industry organisations discuss trends and developments in packaging materials


Keynote - UK packaging legislative reforms

Keynote speech from Paul Vanston, chief executive of INCPEN

Environmental Packaging Awards Gold Winners

The supply chain's role in reducing carbon
A look at carbon footprint in the supply chain with experts and packaging firm

Littering - Industry engagement with UK citizens
INCPEN will lead the session with a summary of their data on littering – and its impact on packaging waste

Supermarket sustainability strategy
We invite supermarkets to discuss sustainability initiatives and broader packaging developments

Waste management
We invite waste management experts to give franks insight into what is and what is not being recycled

Packaging Sector overview – Vision for sustainability
Packaging CEOs and MDs discuss the highs and lows of the industry and their plans on sustainability initiatives

*We're in the process of confirming our full speaker line-up and agenda content, so please stay tuned for further updates. Environmental Packaging Live is your passport to industry insights, innovations, and connections – don't miss out on this vital event!